I stepped off into obscurity on a platform in the rural town of Scheirstedt in the state of Saxony-Anhalt, Germany. I was new to the area and had exited on to the right platform but took the wrong route on my way to teach at a nearby chocolate processing facility.

Photo by Susan on Unsplash

A wild eyed, halfcocked Ahab shrieked from the mast: “There is no land today!” as the rudderless ship floated adrift amid stormy seas bashed by waves. The pilot, chained to the wheel, looked on despairingly as the first mate and his crew waited in a life boat bickering about how…

This past April, my former high school roommate died. His passing has affected me far more than I would have previously expected. Tristan (Tee) Atkinson died on April 14 barely a month after his 39th birthday. He left behind his two living parents, two grandparents, and a wife and child.

Naples Old City — Photo Ben Haymond

Traffic screams by you with inches to spare, phalanxes of tourists crowd through the gates of a city once buried and in a hospital with modern equipment, cigarette smoke and dirty floors, patients wait for treatment; no, it is not the third world, it is southern Italy — Naples actually…

Ben Haymond

Expat, Lecturer, Storyteller, and Writer.

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